5 Ways to Get Back on Track

Lately I feel like we have had a plague put on our house. It’s just been one of those summers. I got 99 problems yo.

Right now we are dealing with a plumbing nightmare that started with a leak under the house in the laundry room, and has led to us needing to replumb the entire house. Consequently we have only had running water in one bathroom of the house for several weeks. And yes, one room with running water is better than no rooms with running water, which is what we were initially dealing with.

Also over Labor day I destroyed my knees (and my arms, hands, ego) when I crashed my bike. I was on what originally started as a glorious 12 mile, stress reducing bike ride until I completely wiped out by taking a turn too fast and the bike flew out from under me. Now I can barely walk and my legs look like blue tie dye ready for a Grateful Dead concert.

Plus mentally I am still processing my HSG results and waiting with baited breath for my cycle to start, so I can schedule laparoscopic surgery.

I guess all of this is to say that things have been stressful lately, and I have been using all of these things to justify poor food choices. Like look at all these horrible things that have happened, I deserve to eat garbage! I’ve earned it!


No, this is BS. I know it’s BS. What I deserve is clean food, food that will provide nutrition to my body and help me heal faster. It’s a lot easier to grab a handful of tortilla chips, or 2 handfuls, or 3 handfuls than it is to make dinner. It’s a lot easier to graze on snack food all day than to sit down and have three proper meals. It’s a lot easier to grab take out night after night until your kitchen is put back together and you have running water. It’s a lot easier to eat gluten free cookies you found in the clearance bakery rack because you feel bad for yourself and want to eat your feelings. I know the path that leads to easy, and I do not want to go back. I deserve better.


Frankly I deserve a good kick in the butt right now!

And can I tell you that I feel like poo. Not exercising and eating junk has me feeling so run down. My energy levels have plummeted from what they were, and I’ve been relying on caffeine to get me through mid-day. Did I mention I gave up caffeine last November? I feel like I’m currently on a major set back (probably not the best time to start a blog to motivate others to holistically manage their pcos when you’re not doing so great yourself).


But that’s the struggle isn’t it? It’s not how many times you fall, but how many times you get up. This is a lifestyle. A journey. It’s not about perfection. Some days are easier than others. There are days when I’m like “Kale, I love you. Let’s get married and move to the country and start a farm together.” Then there are the days like today where I have to choke any kind of greens down like a little kid who can’t leave the table until they eat their vegetables.

Whenever I start to derail, like the last couple weeks, here are 5 things I do to get back on track.

1. Get rid of any trigger foods aka any food you’re not supposed to be eating or healthy food that you can’t stop eating (hello, peanut butter).

2. Get rid of any kind of sweetness other than fruit for a week. This really helps me reset my taste buds and start to crave vegetables again.

3. Move. For me exercise is such a mood booster, and it helps me make better choices for the rest of the day.

4. Drink lots of water, especially lemon water. Lemon water is great for reducing bloat and helping digestion.

5. Flood your social media account with things that motivate you, whether that be healthy recipes, fitness routines, inspirational quotes, or that cute Halloween outfit you’d like to look a little more toned in.

I’ll be posting my meals on Instagram. Follow me if you’re looking for ideas or want to help each other stay accountable. I’m ready to take my health back.

Is there anything you do to help get yourself back on track? I’d love to know. Leave me a comment!

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