I Exercised!

Today was the first day since my laparoscopic surgery I was able to exercise and it felt so good.  Okay, at the time it was actually kind of terrible and painful… It’s over now though and I am reaping all the benefits like dopamine, pride, energy, pride, endorphins etc.


I naively thought I could instantly jump (no pun intended) back in to my high intensity interval training ( HIIT ), but found out within 20 seconds of doing jumping jacks how absolutely wrong I was.  The jumping was pulling on my belly button incision area and on my insides where the surgery robots had done their business.  I quickly scaled back and sought youtube for workout help.  I found a Fitnessblender low impact, no jumping, routine which basically meant squats and slower versions of burpees.  How does Fitnessblender always find a way to include burpees in their routines?  I followed up the cardio with a weight session for my arms.  It always takes 2 days for my body to reach maximum soreness from a workout, so that is something to look forward too.

Like I may have mentioned, I was really proud of myself today for exercising.  I had been dragging my feet to begin a consistent routine since Sunday.  I’ve been out of it for so long because of my bike accident, then healing from surgery.  All the beautiful muscle I had built over the summer just went away.  It took most of spring and summer to put on and about 3 weeks of inactivity for it to vanish into thin air or rather turn to fat.  Why?????!!!!  I hate you PCOS.

Speaking of PCOS and its wonderful gifts, I gained 8lbs recovering from surgery.  8lbs!  I actually weighed myself a week after I came home from the hospital and genuinely expected to see a loss on the scale.  I  was excited.  I had been eating 1200-1400 calories a day, mostly homemade protein smoothies.  I was pretty meticulous about eating clean, low carb, high protein, and lots of vegetables so my body had the nutrition available to heal itself.


When I saw the number on the scale I literally gasped in horror and confusion.  It makes no sense.  Eight freaking pounds.  Naturally the next couple days after weighing myself I just ate whatever I wanted calorie wise because f  – it.  I don’t know where I am now weight wise.  I’m too afraid to look at the scale.  I’m saving that gem for the beginning of November, after my birthday.

Still, rather than focusing on the unintended weight gain, I should be focusing on the fact that my surgery was a success.  I now have one functional  and open fallopian tube!  Huzzah!  One is all you need right?  My Dr. was able to open both tubes, but she said the cilia in the one was very badly damaged and probably wouldn’t function.  She also found staples from a galbladder surgery I had 10 years ago that had made their new home on my cervix.  She said that was the first time she had ever seen anything like that in all the years she’s been performing surgery.  Awesome.

And yes, I did have severe endometriosis which for the most part she was able to get rid of.  My Dr. then explained to me that the endometriosis absolutely will grow back, and most likely in 6 months if not sooner.  Yay!  She said if I wasn’t trying to get pregnant she would immediately put me on birth control to try to suppress the growth.  Oh silly, Dr.  I will NEVER go back on birth control EVER again.

My Dr. suggested we go balls to the wall with fertility treatment now that my tube is open.  I couldn’t be more against this plan.  I understand that it is her job to get me pregnant (sorry, husband), and she wants to throw every drug at me to turn my ovaries into super ovaries, and HCG shots to release the super eggs, and then make me do synthetic progesterone oil shots to prevent my body from shedding my lining to early because it’s going to be heinously confused with all the extra estrogen floating around in my body.  I can’t.  I just can’t go through that process again.  It didn’t work last time.  My body went bat shit crazy.  If I know anything I know my body and I know how abnormal it can be (hello staples on my cervix).  So although my Dr. is basically saying, we need to do it this way because your window of opportunity is very very small, I’m saying maybe we should hold off on the drugs.

I want to try to keep the endometriosis away through diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices.  I just want to try.  Bring on the leafy greens.  Bring on the castor oil packs.  And maybe bring on the acupuncture?  Me, who is afraid of needles?  Yeah, okay.  Let’s give it a go before we try medication.  Let’s leave this one up to God.


So that’s a brief look into my new plan.  I hope to blog about it in more detail soon, and also look out for a blog about my experience and recovery from laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis.

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