When Carbs Attack

Carbs carbs everywhere are carbs,

Blocking out the scenery

Breaking my mind

Eat this don’t eat that, eat all the caaaaaaarrrrbs.

Anyone else know that song?

This pretty much sums up my last week. Ugh. Lots of stress + my period = all the carbs! Anyway, there’s no point in dwelling in the past and beating myself up. It’s a new week. A new day. Let’s move forward.


What do I do when I’ve pillaged my house of carbs and now look five months pregnant from bloat? (Thank you PCOS!) I make a game plan for the week, and get my bloated butt back on track. My Monday started bright and early with me sitting at my dining room table with a very large glass of lemon water, scouring over my cookbooks for ideas.

Raw Cookbooks

I knew I wanted my diet for the week to be loaded with vegetables. Eating greens in particular really helps my body feel it’s best, and that’s all I want right now. My meal plan for the week is focused on vegetables with a side of protein and fat. Mmmmmmmm. Fat in particular is going to be really important. I’ll need it to fight off the carb cravings, which I’m sure will be in over drive from last week. Argh.

Honestly, I didn’t want to go to the store this morning, but our fridge was pretty bare. Since it’s the beginning of the week the only produce we had left was a bag of sad looking broccoli. I knew that if I didn’t stock the fridge with healthy food, I’d be more tempted to raid the pantry and convince myself I needed to have gluten free pasta for lunch.

Rather than fight myself all day, I made the smart decision to go to Aldi. Because our Aldi’s is about 25 minutes away, it’s not where I do the majority of my shopping. Yet every time I go I think to myself I should make Aldi’s a weekly trip (then get busy and can’t be bothered). Their produce prices are so great. Ah! Aldi, I love you! I was literally exhilarated walking out of the store today with a cart filled to the brim with healthy food. They had bananas $0.10lb, and yes I did buy about 10lbs of bananas. I was a mad woman who couldn’t be stopped. I probably would have bought more if my freezer could handle it. I plan on freezing them all to put in smoothies and to make banana “ice cream” in my vitamix. Yay!


By the time I got home it was already lunch time and I quickly put together a sort of anti-pasta salad with black olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, a little bit of pepperoni, and a hard boiled egg. I drizzled garlic infused olive oil and apple cider vinegar over the whole thing. It was pretty good.


Then later I followed it up with a cup of tea and a couple of my homemade chocolates. These have seriously become one of my favorite treats. There are recipes all over the internet for these. It’s essentially a fat bomb, but with a tiny bit of sweetness from maple syrup.

Raw Chocolate

The recipe I use is

1/2 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup cacao powder

3tb. Maple syrup (adjust to taste)

Mix in a bowl and put them in a mold or in mini muffin liners. I add almond butter to the middle of mine to make a chocolate almond butter cup type thing. I have an old Easter themed silicone candy mold I use to make them, and each chocolate ends up being 1 gram of sugar each. The fat from the coconut oil really helps me cut down on wanting something sweet, especially around the three or four o’clock hour when my blood sugar slumps.

I have Zumba class tonight, so I’m throwing a turkey tenderloin in the crock pot to have ready for dinner and plan on having lots of salad and brussel sprouts on the side.

I’m proud of myself today. I could continue to wallow in my bad choices or I could move forward. I’m choosing to move forward.


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