My TTC Timeline

My TTC (Trying to Conceive) Timeline

May 2014 – Saw an OBGYN to discuss trying to conceive. Diagnosed with PCOS from cysts on my ovaries and high testosterone levels. Given Metformin

October 2014 – First Round of 50mg of Clomid after being on Metformin for 6 months. Negative cycle.

November 2014 – Second Round of 50mg Clomid with Progesterone Suppositories. Positive! We are pregnant!

January 2015 – Miscarried at 5 weeks 6 days naturally.

March 2015 – Tested for blood clotting disorders. Positive for MTHFR and PAI-1. OBGYN agrees Lovenox shots will be used during next pregnancy.

March-August 2015 – Took a break, hoping we would conceive on our own. We didn’t. Stopped taking Metformin and began taking Inositol and D-Chiro-inositol instead.

September 2015 – Went back to OBGYN and was given 25mg of Clomid. Negative cycle.

October 2015 – I wasn’t willing to use Clomid again, especially at such a low dosage. My OBGYN referred me to a reproductive endocrinologist.

October 2015-December 2015 – I became hyper focused on my health and nutrition. My ovulation went from cycle day 22 to cycle day 14.

January 2016 – First appointment with a Reproductive Endocrinologist. An ultrasound and blood work confirmed I no longer had cysts on my ovaries, and my progesterone levels confirmed I had successfully ovulated on my own.

February 2016 – First round of 5mg Femara with a trigger shot and progesterone. I had 2 follicles. Negative cycle. I had some spotting during my luteal phase that was abnormal for me at this time.

March 2016 – Asked for HSG. Refused. Instead second round of 7.5mg Femara with trigger shot and progesterone. Again 2 follicles, but this time I had a full on period during my luteal phase. This was very alarming to me because I had been ovulating on my own before treatment and didn’t have any spotting with good progesterone levels.

April-May 2016 – Took a break to see if the spotting went away when I wasn’t using a trigger shot. Yes. It did. My Reproductive Endocrinologist said my uterus wasn’t holding on to the progesterone and that’s why I was spotting. I disagreed. My RE refused more treatment until I had an endometrial biopsy to check her progesterone theory. I really wanted to move forward with having an HSG, so I agreed to have a biopsy. It sucked, but everything was fine, and now I really hated my RE.

June 2016 – Again asked for HSG. Refused. Third round 7.5mg Femara, but no trigger shot. No spotting this time around! Again, 2 follicles. Negative cycle.

July 2016 – RE wanted to move on from Femara and try shots. I refused without an HSG.

August 2016 – Finally scheduled for an HSG. Both fallopian tubes are blocked.

September 2016 – Laparoscopic surgery discovers Stage 3 endometriosis. Left tube damaged, but right tube is okay. Both tubes are open after surgery.

October 2016 – My RE said I would never get pregnant without IVF. I refused all treatment to try on our own.

November 2016 – First cycle after surgery, pregnant naturally! Overjoyed! Excitement faded after beta tests showed HCG was taking too long to double. RE said I was having an ectopic pregnancy and refused to put me on Lovenox for my blood clotting disorder. Went to OB and had an ultrasound. Gestational sac was found in uterus (not ectopic). OB gave me a prescription for Lovenox. RE dismissed me as a patient for getting a prescription of Lovenox. I said, “good riddance.”

December 2016 – 8 week ultrasound showed baby had stopped growing and no heartbeat was found. Had to have a D&C because body wasn’t miscarrying on its own.

January 2017-now – Taking a break. Focusing on health.